The basics of buying a basketball hoop

A basketball hoop is made up of two components: the backboard, and the hoop. The backboard consists of a raised, vertical board with a net suspended above the hoop. The backboard is a flat, rigid piece made of Plexiglas (or tempered) glass. This has the safety glass properties for an accidental break. While a basketball hooper can be made of wood or metal, it is common to use temper glass.

For safety reasons, it is important to determine the height of a basketball court. Basketball hoops can be dangerous if they are dropped to the ground. Therefore, children should only use a basketball hoop of a safe height. Basketball hoops should not be less than 7.5 feet high to ensure safety. Many manufacturers of basketball hoops offer height adjustment so that younger players can safely play.

Most people are unable to install a full-size basketball hoops in their homes. You can use a mini basketball hoop instead. These mini hoops are easily attached to any door or other closed area. Mini basketball hoops can be used in office and kid’s spaces. Cheap mini hoops may come with cheap plastic rims. Avoid these mini hoops as they are more likely to crack than you think.

Basketball hoops are mostly made of glass. However, the backboard is an entirely different story. Although acrylic basketball hoops are more affordable, they won’t withstand direct sunlight. Polycarbonate hoops may not be bulletproof, and they will start to lose their brilliance in a few years. The backboards made of polycarbonate are stronger than glass, and can withstand all kinds of weather. You might consider tempered glass if you want a clearer backboard.

Portable basketball hoops are another option. Spalding Beast is one of the strongest and largest. The Spalding Beast’s tempered-glass backboard provides excellent bounce and touch. The steel pole measures 5″x5″ and adds stability. Tempered glass is preferable by professional players. It gives the ball an even bounce, similar to the gym’s glass. This type of backboard can also be equipped with an adjustable crank.

Another type of portable basketball hoops has wheels and a filled base with water. Water expands when it is frozen and can cause damage to the portable basketball hoops. Sand can be used to fill the base. While sand is the best long-term option, it can be tedious to funnel sand into your base. You can use water to make the base, which is great for those who are moving.

The wall-mounted basketball hoop is portable and can also be fixed to the ground. Mobile hoops typically consist of multiple-pieced round poles. This type hoop is not recommended to be used for dunks as it can tip back if a player attempts to do so. A in-ground basketball hoop can, however, be placed in a driveway or in a garage. There are certain neighborhoods that won’t allow you to install a basketball court in a public area.